Commission a Custom Design. We're excited that you're considering a Custom Design.Creating a new home design is what we enjoy the most. It's an intensely creative process, and one that sometimes stretches the limits of what everyone thinks is possible. We've designed beautiful homes for unusual lots, and demanding clients. We know that you're here because you aren't satisfied with typical homes, and want a residence that meets your expectations.

We post images of our custom projects in our News Releases section. Click on the image to the right to view recent projects, and descriptions. In our News Releases section, you can sign up for email updates, grab the RSS feed, and make comments about the designs.
Communication is Important.Because 99% of our clients are at a distance, we've developed a technique for communicating that is a combination of modern and old-fashioned. Your emails and phone calls will be directly with Dan Tyree. There is no middle-man, and Dan doesn't "farm" out his designing to others.

We provide a password-protected client page on, where you can view renderings, drawings and PDF files. You can also watch videos, check your invoice, thumb through an archive of sketches and emails, or make secure payments using Paypal. Once we start your project, we will send you a login and password for your client page.
Call 918 516 8811 or email to discuss your project.
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Available Design Services. Research Setbacks and Zoning - $125 per hr We will research your specific site and develop a list of restrictions, zoning regulations, building setbacks, etc. which will govern your project. Google Maps & Earth will be used to research neighborhood conditions, surrounding housing, etc. We will draw a site plan showing your setbacks and the buildable envelope. 3D Home Design - $2 per square foot (living space) We will discuss your wish list for the design, and establish guidelines including ideal size, number of bedrooms, style of home, number of stories, orientation on lot, etc. We will create a 3D model of your home using Trimble Sketchup Pro. This model will include the site plan, building structure, interior fixtures and cabinets, doors, windows, finishes, site trees, sidewalks, etc. On your client page, you will also be able to download the 3d model, view videos and still images of your project, and provide feedback throughout the process.

The final products you will receive are:
  • PDF Design Drawings. Including floor plans with dimensions and exterior elevations with elevations heights and material markers.
  • Color Renderings. Hi-resolution realistic imaging of your home design. Typically 15-20 images.
  • HD Video Tour of your home design.
  • Sketchup 3D Model file. You can view or edit using free Sketchup software. The Sketchup model can be exported to most CAD programs.
If the design and/or property is governed by a historic preservation board, a register of historic structures, HOA, Neighborhood Committee, etc., and must be submitted for approval, any additional time or services which exceed the listed scope of work above will be billed at the hourly rate of $125.
Construction Documents - $2 per square foot (living space) We will take your completed Sketchup design and create construction drawings using Trimble Layout software. These drawings print on 36x24 (D size) paper. They can be duplicated at most printers. These drawings typically include:
  • 2 Dimensional Site Plan. This will show the house location on the lot, setbacks, and concrete sidewalks and drives.
  • Floor plans. Views of each floor, looking down from above. They show window and door locations, room dimensions, plumbing fixture locations, etc.
  • Exterior Elevations. Flat views of the outside of the house, looking at the front, left, rear and right.
  • Building sections. Views of the building if you were to cut through it.
  • Foundation plan. This plan shows the location of footings and concrete slabs.
  • Floor Framing and Roof layouts. This plan shows the outline of the floor truss systems, and slopes, valleys, ridges and hips on the roof.
  • Wall Section. A detailed view showing how the walls are assembled.
  • Electrical Plan. Outlets, switches, lights and fans are shown on this plan.
  • Details and Notes. Construction notes and typical details.
We will publish the Sketchup and PDF files of your plans to your client page on for review. The PDF version of the plans is very convenient for emailing to potential builders, suppliers, subcontractors and curious family members. You will provide final comments, and any change requests before final printing. Depending on your contract, we will provide printed final sets or digital final sets in PDF and CAD formats.

If the design and/or property is governed by a historic preservation board, a register of historic structures, HOA, Neighborhood Committee, etc., and must be submitted for approval, any additional time or services which exceed the listed scope of work above will be billed at the hourly rate of $125.
Topographic Site Modeling - $500 If you are building on a sloping lot, and provide a topography survey, we can add a 3D model of your survey to your plans. This will allow you to see how the house fits on your property. We take the topographic survey and create a 3D model using the surveyors contours. Then we set the 3D model of your home, or a model you provide, into the 3D site. Printing - $40 per set, plus shipping. We can provide 36"x24" black/white or color printed sets in any quantity you need. These drawings can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. 3D Printing 3D printing is a new and fun technology. We can print a plastic model of your home, in a variety of sizes, which will help you visualize or present your design to others. 3D printing can be done through our supplier, or we can provide the digital file, and you can print on your own Cube printer. Contact us for pricing. Google Earth Modeling - $250 We can take any of our models, place them accuratelyin Google Earth and provide a KMZ file, which will allow you to open the model in Google Earth and browse the model with accurate terrain. In highly-modeled areas, you can also view surrounding buildings and trees. You will need to purchase or already own a 3D model in order to use this service. Engineering - $3200 We can provide structural engineering for many locations in the United States of America. We work with a structural engineer to integrate your truss manufacturer's drawings into the set of house plans. We design and integrate specific footing sizes and specifications into the drawings, based on a client-supplied soils report of the build location. We provide steel and structural wood sizing and specifications throughout the documents based on wind and snow loading on the structure. The engineering package is available for the following states: Alabama
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Complete Sketchup and Layout Services If you are a builder, designer or architect, and want to have Sketchup models created of your designs, we can provide complete Sketchup services.(no model is too complex or too simple). RenderIn Lighting, Textures and Reflections (integrated into the Sketchup model). Scene Preparation. Video Tours. Floor Plan Artwork (using Layout). Photo Matching. Contact us for pricing.