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Design Drawings Starting at $125, Design Drawings are available in PDF format, and can be printed on your printer, or to scale on 36" x 24" paper. The PDF includes scale drawings of the floor plans, exterior elevations and unique detailing.

Planning. Plan your next house. Buy your favorite design. Present it to your homeowner's association for approval. Get bids from builders. Sketch ideas and revisions on the design, and send it to us for a price quote. Share with friends and family.

Draw Your Plans. When you purchase Design Drawings, you are licensed to use the design as a reference to have a set of plans drawn by a local architect, designer or draftsman.
Stock House Plans Once you've decided which plan to build, and gotten all the necessary approvals, then you can purchase the full set of construction drawings. These drawings includes many items not in the Design Drawings, such as electrical plans, wall sections, building sections and a foundation plan.

Browse and find your favorite plan. Buy the full plans in digital formats (CAD or PDF) or 4 printed sets.